Saturday, 16 February 2013

Battle Of The Nudes

Today I wanted to talk about two nude lipsticks. Up until recently I had no nude lipsticks I only had pinks or reds. I decided I needed a nude lipstick that I could wear to school so I ventured out to find a nude that would suit me. I have two to share with you today but I am by no means saying these two are the best they are just the ones I have tried.

MUA Bare
I knew that trusty MUA would have something for me at only £1 you can't really go wrong with their lipsticks. I am very glad to see that MUA have improved the packaging of their lipsticks as now the bottom is not wobbly as it is on my other lipstick and the packaging feels much more secure. I really like this lipstick as it is quite moisturising on the lips and is pretty long lasting. I have even managed to wear it to school and I had to reapply it at break which is at about 11 o'clock which means it had lasted a good 3 hours which is pretty impressive considering that it is only £1. This is quite a light nude and I think if I was any paler it would wash me out but I think this suits me quote well and I am really happy that I bought this.

Revlon Colourburst Icy Nude (002)
First off I want to mention the gorgeous packaging that you get on all Revlon lipsticks. The packaging is very similar to that of the lip butters and I really like how the top has the colour of the product on so you can clearly see what the colour is. This is a much darker shade of brown than Bare but it is still extremely wearable. This is quite moisturising although not quite as moisturising as the lip butters or Bare. That said I think that this suits me slightly better than Bare as it is that little bit darker so it is better for my skin tone. This does have a bit of glitter in it so if you aren't a fan of glittery lipsticks then you won't like this. I believe that these retail at £5.99 but I got mine from a beauty outlet store so it was only £1.99 which is an amazing bargain.
Icy Nude on the left and Bare on the right 

What's your favourite nude?