Monday, 6 August 2012

Beauty And Makeup Tips- Brushes And Tools

One of the most important parts of makeup is having brushes to apply it with also there are some tools that will help you perfect your look. A great website for cheap brushes that are great for beginners is ELF.
Basic brushes
·         Blush brush
·         Concealer brush
·         Eyeshadow brush
·         Eyeliner brush (for gel/cream eyeliner)
·         Foundation brush
·         Powder brush
I recommend that you get quite a few eyeshadow brushes as you will probably be applying different colours whereas with the others you are more likely to use the same product.  They are many different shaped of brushes and that is why I am going to included a list of other brushes you can buy.

·         Bronzer brush
·         Brow brush
·         Brow grooming brush
·         Eye blender brush
·         Eye contour brush
·         Eye shader brush
·         Eye smudge brush
·         Eyelash comb
·         Angled eyeliner brush
·         Lip brush
·         Face brush
·         Lash separator

If you have any questions on any of the brushes and what they are used for just ask below or email me I just don’t want to make the post really long.

·         Eyelash curler
·         Powder puff
·         Sponges
·         Tweezers
·         Sharpener(for eyeliners and lip liners)
·         Cotton wool for removing makeup
·         Cotton buds for removing small amounts of makeup

I know the last 2 aren’t tools but they are an essential part of you makeup routine.
I hope this post was helpful as always feel free to ask me any questions

Prettylittlefashionista xxx