Monday, 30 April 2012

April Favourites- Make up

This is the second part of my April favourites post.


I bought the Miss Sporty So Energetic foundation in the shade light.  I have to say that for the price I paid I was really impressed. They only have 4 shades but this shade matches my skin perfectly. It goes on so easily and gives a great coverage. 

I also bought the Miss Sporty concealer. Again it matches my skin perfectly and for the price that paid I really like it. It goes on quite well and it is easy to rub in. It lasts most of the day which is really good.  


I’ve really liked 2 mascaras this month. First is the MUA extreme curl mascara and second is the elf lengthening and defining mascara. I use the MUA mascara on my top lashes and the elf mascara on the lower lashes as I feel the elf one isn’t really suitable for the upper lashes. They were both quite cheap but they are still really good. My favourite eye shadow for this month is the elf duo in butter pecan. They are really pigmented and are two natural colours that will go with anything.


I’ve got some more elf products in this section when I chose my favourites I didn’t realise how many elf products were in it. The first is a lipstick from their £1.50 range in the shade seductive. It smells of berries and the colour is amazing obviously the cl=colour doesn’t last very long but for the price it is really good. The other lip product is the matte lip colour in tea rose. I love this colour and I prefer this to lipsticks as you get more control with it. The last lip product is a lip balm that I got for Christmas I use this every day and I just love the smell of it.


The two nail polishes that I chose are both blue. I have really loved the colour blue this month. The first nail polish is by Miss Sporty in the shade pop fiction. I really love this colour the only downside is that Miss Sporty polishes don’t have the names on the bottle they only have them in the shop which is disappointing. The other nail polish I bought to go with my prom dress unfortunately it doesn’t go at all L the colour is still really nice. It is by collection 2000 and is in the shade show off.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

April Favourites- Skin Care and Hair Care

I’ve split up my April favourites into two separate posts skin care and hair care in this one and makeup and jewellery in a separate post. If I included them in one post the post would become very long and boring. I’ll start with skin care. I will include links of where you can find these products online.

Skin Care

The first item is the My Skin facial scrub. I bought this in Tesco for £3.50. This facial scrub is aimed at young people as it is specifically for young skin. I use this once or twice a week to cleanse and exfoliate my skin. It says on the bottle that it has honey and dandelion extracts. Some people might think that dandelion is a weird think to have in a face scrub but it actually smells really nice. I want to try more things from the My Skin range as this has been amazing.

Next is the neroli jasmine body lotion from The Body Shop. I got this in a set for Christmas so that is why it is only a 60ml bottle. The set came with a shower gel and a eau de toilette in the same scent. It was packaged in an orange woven pouch witch I now use as a travel bag for my toiletries when I go on holiday.  This product has an oriental flower smell to it and the thing that I love about this product is that the smell lasts most of the day even when you only use a small amount. This lotion leaves the skin feeling smooth and smelling amazing.

The next product is the Garnier 2 in 1 makeup remover. This makeup remover also has a cleanser in it. It removes waterproof makeup really well and it leaves the skin feeling really soft.

Hair Care

 I bought a mini Tresemme shampoo for when I went away for the weekend. It was great it gave my hair such a shine and it smelt lovely. The bottle although only 100ml lasted me about a week so I dread to think how long a 900ml bottle would last.

I also bought a mini version of the Tresemme heat defence spray. This smells exactly the same as the shampoo and it makes my hair shiny. I will defiantly be getting the full sized product when this runs out.

The last thing that I have is the Girlz Only dry shampoo from Tesco. I bought this because they didn’t have any Batiste left in stock. I love the smell of this it is very fruity and compared to the Batiste Blush it smells so much better. However the Batiste shampoo last longer I’ve noticed that I really need to reapply this during through the day which is annoying.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Charity Shop Haul

Charity shop haul

Recently I have bought a lot of clothes from charity shops. In my town there are very few shops but there are a lot of charity shops so I look around them as you can pick up some good deals. Sometimes you have to be careful with charity shops as sometimes the clothes can be overpriced. I have seen things that originally came from Primark priced at way more than what it was when it was new. So a tip that I have for you is always check the label that is inside the clothing as that way you can decide if they are charging too much for an item. The only time I buy clothes that don’t have a label is if they are quite cheap or of a reasonable quality. 

The first item I bought was a dress which originally came from Primark it was brand new as it still had the label on and it was only £4. It is a blue and white stripy dress with a grey top it also came with a really cute brooch. It is a perfect nautical dress that I love.

The next item was a top which came from Topshop which is quite good in itself plus I only paid £2 for it. It has a gorgeous floral print which is perfect for spring/summer.
Next is a red top that is the most beautiful shade of red I have ever seen this top didn’t have a label in it but it was only £1 so it didn’t matter. I know that I am defiantly going to wear it a lot as I love the colour red.
The next top is a white top with a black waistcoat. The waistcoat is attached to the top. The top is very pink and glittery it has a London theme. It has a Union Jack, red bus, queen’s head, the underground and Big Ben and many other London themed pictures. I really like this top the style and the design is very cute.  
The next item is a cardigan with blue and white stripes and cute bows on it. This cardigan will go with a lot of things and will go really well with the blue and white stripy dress.
I love the next dress it is a cute dress in pastel colours which is perfect for spring/summer. It was from H&M. I have so many different nail polishes that would match this dress it is unbelievable.
The next dress is a really pretty black and pink floral dress. I really like floral patterns at the moment so this was perfect.
The next top is a really pale pink top with a perfume bottle on it. I like the shape of this top as it is short at the front and longer at the back. I’ve noticed that quite a lot of shops are selling tops in this sort of style.
The next top is very similar to the London themed top it is a white top with black strips and it has a waistcoat attached to it. It has an eagle on it and I don’t know why but I love clothes that have eagles on I’m not sure what it is about them that I like but I just do.
The last think that I got is a beautiful blue top with horses on it. I was really happy to get this as I bought a blue scarf when it was in the sale but I didn’t have any blues that would go with or were close to matching it so this is a really great buy.
I’m sorry that this was such a long post but I hoped you found helpful in showing that charity shops aren’t just full of granny clothes that they do actually have some nice pieces if you look for them.  

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes

This is my top 5 spring nail polishes all of these nail polishes were under £5 so they are affordable for everyone.

This nail polish is a 2true nail polish from superdrug. It is a lilac colour but unfortunately this range does not have any names for its products so this is just called shade number 11.  It cost me £1.99 or you can get three items from the range for £4.99.

This next nail polish is from Asda despite this being really cheap it is actually really good and I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this out. It is a mint green colour which is perfect for this season it is number 69 smarty pants. This cost me &1.75.

This is another nail polish I got from asda for the same price as the other one. This is actually a coral colour which is lighter than the picture shows it. It is number 72 and it is called jeopardy.
This nail polish is from the miss sporty range and just like the 2true range they don't have names for their products :(. However I do still like their products especially their nail polishes. This nail polish was £1.99. I just love the colour of this one it is so bright and perfect for spring and summer.

 This is another miss sporty nail polish which was the same price as the one above. I love this turquoise colour and it goes with a lot of my clothes.

I know these nail polishes are quite cheap but it doesn't really matter as I'm just showing you the top 5 colours that are in at the moment. You guys can get any nail polish you like I'm just showing you my favourite colours for this season. Although they are cheap they go on just as well as the expensive ones I only use two coats for each nail and they dry quite quickly as well.

I hope people have found this helpful to help them choose the right colours for spring :)