Monday, 30 April 2012

April Favourites- Make up

This is the second part of my April favourites post.


I bought the Miss Sporty So Energetic foundation in the shade light.  I have to say that for the price I paid I was really impressed. They only have 4 shades but this shade matches my skin perfectly. It goes on so easily and gives a great coverage. 

I also bought the Miss Sporty concealer. Again it matches my skin perfectly and for the price that paid I really like it. It goes on quite well and it is easy to rub in. It lasts most of the day which is really good.  


I’ve really liked 2 mascaras this month. First is the MUA extreme curl mascara and second is the elf lengthening and defining mascara. I use the MUA mascara on my top lashes and the elf mascara on the lower lashes as I feel the elf one isn’t really suitable for the upper lashes. They were both quite cheap but they are still really good. My favourite eye shadow for this month is the elf duo in butter pecan. They are really pigmented and are two natural colours that will go with anything.


I’ve got some more elf products in this section when I chose my favourites I didn’t realise how many elf products were in it. The first is a lipstick from their £1.50 range in the shade seductive. It smells of berries and the colour is amazing obviously the cl=colour doesn’t last very long but for the price it is really good. The other lip product is the matte lip colour in tea rose. I love this colour and I prefer this to lipsticks as you get more control with it. The last lip product is a lip balm that I got for Christmas I use this every day and I just love the smell of it.


The two nail polishes that I chose are both blue. I have really loved the colour blue this month. The first nail polish is by Miss Sporty in the shade pop fiction. I really love this colour the only downside is that Miss Sporty polishes don’t have the names on the bottle they only have them in the shop which is disappointing. The other nail polish I bought to go with my prom dress unfortunately it doesn’t go at all L the colour is still really nice. It is by collection 2000 and is in the shade show off.