Sunday, 29 April 2012

April Favourites- Skin Care and Hair Care

I’ve split up my April favourites into two separate posts skin care and hair care in this one and makeup and jewellery in a separate post. If I included them in one post the post would become very long and boring. I’ll start with skin care. I will include links of where you can find these products online.

Skin Care

The first item is the My Skin facial scrub. I bought this in Tesco for £3.50. This facial scrub is aimed at young people as it is specifically for young skin. I use this once or twice a week to cleanse and exfoliate my skin. It says on the bottle that it has honey and dandelion extracts. Some people might think that dandelion is a weird think to have in a face scrub but it actually smells really nice. I want to try more things from the My Skin range as this has been amazing.

Next is the neroli jasmine body lotion from The Body Shop. I got this in a set for Christmas so that is why it is only a 60ml bottle. The set came with a shower gel and a eau de toilette in the same scent. It was packaged in an orange woven pouch witch I now use as a travel bag for my toiletries when I go on holiday.  This product has an oriental flower smell to it and the thing that I love about this product is that the smell lasts most of the day even when you only use a small amount. This lotion leaves the skin feeling smooth and smelling amazing.

The next product is the Garnier 2 in 1 makeup remover. This makeup remover also has a cleanser in it. It removes waterproof makeup really well and it leaves the skin feeling really soft.

Hair Care

 I bought a mini Tresemme shampoo for when I went away for the weekend. It was great it gave my hair such a shine and it smelt lovely. The bottle although only 100ml lasted me about a week so I dread to think how long a 900ml bottle would last.

I also bought a mini version of the Tresemme heat defence spray. This smells exactly the same as the shampoo and it makes my hair shiny. I will defiantly be getting the full sized product when this runs out.

The last thing that I have is the Girlz Only dry shampoo from Tesco. I bought this because they didn’t have any Batiste left in stock. I love the smell of this it is very fruity and compared to the Batiste Blush it smells so much better. However the Batiste shampoo last longer I’ve noticed that I really need to reapply this during through the day which is annoying.