Sunday, 8 April 2012

Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes

This is my top 5 spring nail polishes all of these nail polishes were under £5 so they are affordable for everyone.

This nail polish is a 2true nail polish from superdrug. It is a lilac colour but unfortunately this range does not have any names for its products so this is just called shade number 11.  It cost me £1.99 or you can get three items from the range for £4.99.

This next nail polish is from Asda despite this being really cheap it is actually really good and I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this out. It is a mint green colour which is perfect for this season it is number 69 smarty pants. This cost me &1.75.

This is another nail polish I got from asda for the same price as the other one. This is actually a coral colour which is lighter than the picture shows it. It is number 72 and it is called jeopardy.
This nail polish is from the miss sporty range and just like the 2true range they don't have names for their products :(. However I do still like their products especially their nail polishes. This nail polish was £1.99. I just love the colour of this one it is so bright and perfect for spring and summer.

 This is another miss sporty nail polish which was the same price as the one above. I love this turquoise colour and it goes with a lot of my clothes.

I know these nail polishes are quite cheap but it doesn't really matter as I'm just showing you the top 5 colours that are in at the moment. You guys can get any nail polish you like I'm just showing you my favourite colours for this season. Although they are cheap they go on just as well as the expensive ones I only use two coats for each nail and they dry quite quickly as well.

I hope people have found this helpful to help them choose the right colours for spring :)