Sunday, 29 July 2012

Beauty And Makeup Tips- Storing Makeup

My first post in this series is going to be on storing makeup.
It is important that you have somewhere to store your makeup either a drawer in your bathroom or bedroom or a shelf it is also important not to put your makeup in direct sunlight so avoid putting it on a window sill. I am going to show how I store my makeup.
As you can see I have dedicated one drawer for my makeup as my collection expands I will need to change my storage system but for now it is fine. I bought the little plastic boxes from a pound shop I think and I have separated them into sections face products in one, eye products in another and lip products in the other one.

I also have some makeup on my desk. I have a pot with my favourite lip products, an old jewellery box with my most used eye products and two separate pencil pots one for my pencil eyeliners the other for my makeup brushes. I also have a pot for hairbrushes and combs but that is a separate topic.DSCN0367DSCN0368DSCN0369DSCN0366

This set of drawers is very popular with bloggers and it is from Ikea it is pretty pricey at £85 pounds but it is something you would use for a long time. I have a plastic drawer similar but it only has 3 draws. I don’t use it for storing makeup I use it to store my hair styling products, body sprays and nail polishes but I might start using it for makeup. Obviously 9 draws might seem really big so I found this 3 draws one.
This one is much cheaper as it is only £10 but you can still use it to store your makeup this is especially good if you have a small collection. You could also get dividers and different containers to but in your draws a great website for this is They have stores in London, Birmingham, Guildford and inside Selfridges in the Trafford Centre. They have stores in other countries as well and you can order online.

I hope you found this post helpful as always these are just suggestions you don’t have to store your makeup like this in fact if you store yours a different way I’d be interested to hear.

Prettylittlefashionista xxx