Monday, 30 July 2012

What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

As you probably know by now I am going away for 2 weeks so I have scheduled some posts for you. This is one post that I thought might be helpful if you are going away and don’t know what to take. I am not taking much with me as I plan to buy quite a few makeup items I have got a list of what I want as the shops at home don’t sell them and I’m hoping that i will be able to find the products whilst away.
Here is a list of what I think you should take with you depending on where you are going of course if you are going somewhere hot you probably don’t want too much makeup as it might melt whilst you are there but as I am staying in the UK that won’t be such a problem.
Various lipsticks
Eyeshadow palette that has a variety of shades
Obviously if you have a palette for your face i.e blusher, bronzer and concealer then that would be easier to carry.
Here is what I am taking I don’t know where the bag  is from as I got it a very long time ago.
2true Concealer shade 1, MUA BB cream shade 1, MUA pressed powder shade 2, Rimmel wake me up Ivory 
From the top going right Elf  Classy, ELF Seductive, MUA Shade 6, Rimmel Pink Gossip, Collection 2000 Sea Shell and Miss Sporty Dr Balm Glam
MUA Pink Sorbet, Beauty UK Earth Child, MUA eyeliner Rimmel mascara

Hope you found this post helpful 

Prettylittlefashionista xxx