Tuesday, 29 May 2012

NOTD: Miss Sporty China Glaze

This is what nail polish I am wearing today. It is a Miss Sporty nail polish called China Glaze. I love Miss Sporty nail polishes they are inexpensive and they have great colours. They go on really well as well I only needed two coats of this and it looks really nice by itself. I put a clear coat on top to protect it but I don't think that it needs anything else as it is just such a nice colour. I think that this is going to be one of my favourite colours again as I haven't used it for awhile but recently found it again.

What nail polishes are you loving at the moment?

Monday, 28 May 2012

Elf Haul

This was the first time I've purchased anything from elf. I was a little sceptical at first as I have heard mixed reviews about them. A lot of youtubers have said how good they are but when I went on the website there were comments saying that they hadn't received their order and they'd been sent the wrong things. But eventually I decided to make some purchases. When I ordered my things they had a free delivery promotion.

First of all I ordered the 10 piece brush set which was £12. The brushes are really good and they are so soft. Brushes on the website are quite cheap the normal range brushes cost £1.50 but they do have some other brushes which are £3.50. I have been looking for some good brushes and these brushes are really good considering the price you are paying for them.

I ordered the gem tool kit which cost me £6. I really wanted some eyelash curlers and it made sense to buy this set as it included a mirror and some tweezers. These thinks always come in handy and they were so pretty as well. It will be interesting to see how long the gems stay on but for now they are really good.

I bought a small brush holder so that I could but my brushes in and keep them safe. It cost me £5. There isn't really much to say about this other than it is a bit like a pencil pot. It is black with eyes lips face written on it which is what elf stands for.

I then ordered the dual eyeliner sharpener. The think that is good about this is that it can sharpen broader eyeliner pencils. On the website it is called the dual pencil sharpener but it also comes with can extra sharpener so in a way you are getting 3 sharpeners for £1.50 which is a good deal.

I really love nail polishes and all of the nail polishes from elf are £1.50. I decided to buy a neutral pink colour which is in the shade nude. It is a lovely pale pink colour that if I’d had it when I did my top nail polish collection then this colour would have defiantly been in it.
All in all elf is a really good website. The products are really cheap and of quite good quality for the price. However my only problem with it is that sometimes the colours on the screen don’t actually reflect what the product is going to look like. That is my only complaint considering people were moaning about not receiving their order mine came quite quickly. I ordered it Saturday afternoon and I knew that Monday was a bank holiday I thought I’d have to wait a bit longer for it to arrive. I got an email on Wednesday saying my order had been dispatched and I got it on Thursday.  So was pleasantly surprised.
Check out the website

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Peacock Eyes

Want to create gorgeous peacock eyes then keep reading.
What you will need
Green eyeliner pencil
orangey brown eyeshadow
green eyeshadow
purple eyeshadow
What I used 
Eyeko skinny eyeliner in emerald green
Rimmel London extra super lash mascara
This eyeshadow palette by Colourworks

Step 1:
Use an eyeshadow brush and blend the orange colour into the corner of your eye and up to your eyebrow.
Step 2:
Line around your eye with the green eyeliner it is best if it is a metallic shade of green. Try and keep as close to your lashes as possible and take it right to the inner corners so the lines join together.
Step 3:
Next take the green eyeshadow and cover your entire lid build up layers if you want a really intense colour.
Step 4:
Take the purple eyeshadow and apply it along your socket line blending it into the corner of your lid. Finish the look by applying your favourite mascara.

The finished look

Makeup Haul

Beauty Haul
I haven’t actually got much to show you guys sorry! The reason being on my last shopping trip I mainly went clothes shopping so didn’t buy too much makeup. You will be able to see what clothes I bought here

This is what I got in Superdrug. At the moment they have 3 for 2 across all ranges. I bought the nail polish set for my friend because it is her birthday soon. These colours are just her sort of colours. The palette that I bought is a lovely neutrals palette but instead of just being browns it has got some nice greens and greys. Keep your eyes out for a review on it. The last thing I bought was a lipstick by collection 2000it is one of their volume sensation ones in the shade sea shell. Check out the review of it here.

 Also from New Look I bought a w7 eyeshadow palette called sexy eyes. It was reduced to £2 because it doesn’t close properly but it is still perfectly fine.

Clothing Haul

At the weekend I went clothes shopping. I mainly went to buy some things that I can wear to my 6th form induction week but I did get a few extras.
So I'll show you what I got for 6th form .
The skirt is from Marks & Spencers this cost £14.00 and it has cute little bows at the top of it.  The top was from Tesco and it was £9 and underneath it is just a plain black vest top that I also got from Tesco.
The skirt is another one from M&S and it is a mini skirt that was in the sale for £5 it was meant to be £14.00 so I got a real bargain there.The top is not actually for 6th form but I thought I'd photo it with the skirt. It was from New Look and it was in the sale at £5 instead of £9.99.

The last think I bought for 6th form was this jacket from New Look and a scarf from M&S. The jacket was £24.99 and the scarf was £5. The jacket could be worn with other clothes and not just for 6th form which is quite good. Get the jacket here

This dress is amazing. It is a gorgeous light red with mint green hearts. I got this from New Look and it was in the sale. It was meant to be £22.99 but I got it for £10.

This floral playsuit caught my eye just as I was going to the changing room and I knew that I just had to have it. It  is perfect for summer and it was only £16.99. Get it here

Check out my beauty haul here.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Elf Nail Polish Giveaway

This is me wearing champagne and glitter madness. I painted all my nails with champagne firstly and then instead of using a clear top coat I used glitter madness instead. This lasted a really long time and I loved it. Thank you elf.

For your chance to win an elf nail polish and cuticle pen click below to check it out
Me, my e.l.f and I
elf giveaway

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Skin Care Routine

To take off my makeup I use two different products depending on how much makeup I have on. If I haven’t got that much makeup on I will use my Dirty Works cleansing wipes but if I’ve got quite a bit on then I will use the Garnier makeup remover.

Then I use the Simple facial toner. I just put some onto a cotton pad a rub it into my face. I love the Simple range as the products don’t have any smell to them. I don’t have sensitive skin but I don’t like strong smelling face products.

 Next I use the Simple light moisturiser this is a great moisturiser for summer as it is so light and doesn’t sit heavily on your skin. However if I have quite a few spots I will use the Clean and Clear moisturiser as it combats spots and blemishes.

I use the Simple face wash and I love it. It is meant to help fight spots and I am really pleased with this. You only use this once a day so I only use it in the morning but the above products apart from the makeup remover I use in the morning and at night.

Next I use the My Skin face scrub to exfoliate my skin. This product is not meant to be used daily I use it once or twice a week. I really like the My Skin range because it is specifically aimed at young skin so it is really good for my skin.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover Review

This the product that has taken the beauty world by storm. It has only just arrived in my Superdrug and I know you will have already seen posts about this but I still wanted to review it for you.

This is what Bourjois says:
Magic in a pot!
Nail polish is instantly removed with the touch of a magic wand!
For each nail, simply Dip-Twist-Remove in 1 second without any cotton wool.
Your nails will be polish-free in just 1 second*!
Plus, its red berry and vanilla fragrance leaves nails delicately scented.
And…it’s good for my nails!
- Acetone-free formula - gentle on nails and cuticles
- Enriched with nourishing sweet almond oil
- Paraben-free
- Dermatologically tested 

This is what I think
It takes a little bit longer than a second but that is to be expected. It does however cut down the time that it used to take to remove nail polish. Plus you don't need to worry about using lots of cotton pads. It is easy to use all you do is dip your finger into the hole and twist the bottle. I bought this from my local Superdrug for £4.99 and it was the last one in stock. I know that this is like gold dust and they have been sold out in many stores. However there are a few downsides to this product the bottle is only 75ml and I'm not sure how long it is going to last. The biggest downside is the smell it is really overpowering and could quite easily give people headaches. Overall I think that this is a great product and I   definitely recommend this to anyone who paints there nails a lot and hates having to take it off.

The results


As you can see it didn't remove all of the polish the first time but after another twist it all came off.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

Just to let you guys know I was lucky enough to be able to buy one of these as they are selling like hot cakes. I went into my local Boots the other week and they didn't have it :( This weekend I went into my local Superdrug to get some bits and bobs and as I was walking to the till I saw that they had it in stock. I was surprised as I thought it was exclusive to Boots. It was the last one so I got it. I'm going to do a blog post reviewing it and that will be up later this week.