Sunday, 27 May 2012

Clothing Haul

At the weekend I went clothes shopping. I mainly went to buy some things that I can wear to my 6th form induction week but I did get a few extras.
So I'll show you what I got for 6th form .
The skirt is from Marks & Spencers this cost £14.00 and it has cute little bows at the top of it.  The top was from Tesco and it was £9 and underneath it is just a plain black vest top that I also got from Tesco.
The skirt is another one from M&S and it is a mini skirt that was in the sale for £5 it was meant to be £14.00 so I got a real bargain there.The top is not actually for 6th form but I thought I'd photo it with the skirt. It was from New Look and it was in the sale at £5 instead of £9.99.

The last think I bought for 6th form was this jacket from New Look and a scarf from M&S. The jacket was £24.99 and the scarf was £5. The jacket could be worn with other clothes and not just for 6th form which is quite good. Get the jacket here

This dress is amazing. It is a gorgeous light red with mint green hearts. I got this from New Look and it was in the sale. It was meant to be £22.99 but I got it for £10.

This floral playsuit caught my eye just as I was going to the changing room and I knew that I just had to have it. It  is perfect for summer and it was only £16.99. Get it here

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