Friday, 29 August 2014

NOTD: Mind The Gap Victoria

Rimmel Mind The Gap Victoria
I am a big fan of blue nails. Although my one true love is pink/red nails but from time to time I like to switch it up and I often reach for blues. When  I saw this on someone's blog I just had to have it as it looked so beautiful. In truth I think it was their wonderful photographs of it but anyway when I went to Boots the polish was mine. 

Rimmel Mind The Gap Victoria
I really like the Rimmel nail polishes as I think that they are a fantastic quality and they are so affordable. Rimmel has a very impressive range of colours. I like the 60 Seconds range as they come with a wide brush which means that you can apply the polish evenly. You only need 2 coats of this polish for it to become opaque. Despite being called the 60 Second polishes they take much longer than 60 seconds to dry but they do dry quicker than some other polishes. 

Rimmel Mind The Gap Victoria
The polish lasts for about a week before it starts to chip. When I wore this I got a lot of people asking me about this colour as it is very pretty and although it is a pastel blue it is quite bright. I am in love with this colour and it is perfect for summer.

Have you tried any Rimmel polishes? Do you have any shade recommendations? 

Prettylittlefashionista xxx