Monday, 25 August 2014

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection Review

Today I want to review the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection. I've had this set for awhile now so I feel that I can now give it a full review.
Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection
Originally this set was limited edition (hence the different style of brushes) but I believe this has been made permanent. Even if it hasn't been made permanent it is still available in Boots and Superdrug. This set is smaller than some of the other sets as it only comes with 3 brushes. The price of the set varies for different retailers the prices range from £18.64 - £23.99. 

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection
This time around the brushes have a white handle instead of the usual gold, pink and purple. However to keep with the colour scheme the writing on each brush corresponds to the type of brush it is. Gold is for base, pink is for finishing your look and purple is for eyes. Despite the colour scheme many of the brushes have multiple uses. 

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection
This set is a duo fibre set and these brushes help you to apply product lightly which can be easily built up. The set contains 3 brushes: the duo fibre face brush, the duo fibre contour brush and the duo fibre eye brush. 

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection
Duo Fibre Face Brush 
I really like to this brush for applying powder. As it is a duo fibre it picks up less product than a regular brush which means you get a much lighter application. The reason I like this for powder is because I can apply a light layer of powder on top of my foundation without it looking too powdery or cakey. I have found in the past using other powder brushes that my skin can look too powdery but this doesn't happen with this brush. The brush is quite soft so it feels nice when I'm applying the powder to my face. 

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection
Duo Fibre Contour Brush
I love this brush for helping me to contour my face. I never used to contour as I found that I was too heavy handed so I always ended up with harsh lines of bronzer on my face (very attractive). Like the powder brush this picks up a smaller amount of product which means I don't end up with harsh brown lines of bronzer on my face. This brush allows me to build up product gradually which is good for me as I can often be too heavy handed with bronzer as I am not that used to using it. I have been trying more recently to wear bronzer more and this brush really helps me to get a light application. 

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection
Duo Fibre Eye Brush 
This is my least used brush from the entire set. I use this brush for blending my eyeshadow but I found at first that it was much scratchier than the other brushes. After a few washes the bristles did become smoother but I still don't reach for this brush that much because I have other blending brushes that I prefer. This is good as it blends colours without removing too much of the makeup from your eye. 

I really like these brushes and I recommend this set if you are a fan of the Real Techniques brushes. 

Prettylittlefashionista xxx