Friday, 1 May 2015

Ticker by Lisa Mantchev Review

Ticker by Lisa Mantchev
Ticker by Lisa Mantchev
My Rating: 3
Goodreads Rating: 3.44
Published by: Skyscape
Pages: 273
Genre: Science fiction, Steampunk, Fantasy, Young Adult

This is not a book that I would normally pick up to read, but I was given it by a friend so I thought I would try it out. Despite it being a book that I wouldn’t normally pick I thought that it wasn’t too bad.

This is about a girl who has a clockwork heart. When Penny nearly dies a surgeon called Calvin Warwick implants her with a ‘Ticker’ and she is the first ‘Augmented’. It is soon discovered that Warwick committed many murders as part of his research for the device and he is put on trial. On the day of the trial Warwick escapes from jail and Penny’s parents are kidnapped. Penny enlists the help of her brother, friends Violet, Sebastian and Marcus.

The idea of having a ‘Ticker’ was very interesting but I found that the book had a lot of technical descriptions about machines and other inventions which I found a bit tedious. The character of Penny was not a character I could relate to and I found her very annoying; she was very rude to every one and seemed very obnoxious. The love story between Penny and Marcus was slightly annoying as well, ever since we are introduced to Marcus there is a clear interest between the two but Penny is extremely rude towards him and when they do get together at the end I didn’t really care about it. When reading some books you end up wanting characters to end up together but in this case I wasn’t really interested. This novel was pretty short and the pace was quite quick so it was pretty quick and easy to read.

Overall the plot was a very interesting idea and I thought the book was pretty good. It could have been better written and I feel that the characters could have been developed more. I don’t think I will read anything else by the author as personally this genre is not for me. If you are a fan of the Steampunk genre and enjoy lengthy descriptions of machinery then you will probably really enjoy this.

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