Monday, 26 November 2012

Balance Me Moisturiser Review

I got this sample of the Balance Me facial moisturiser in Glamour magazine a few months ago. I started using this at the beginning of the month because I went on holiday and it was the perfect size to take with me.

I love this moisturiser it leaves my skin feeling really moisturised and it is perfect for the winter months now it is colder. You don't need to use a lot of this which means it has lasted quite awhile. It sinks in really quickly which means it is great to use in the morning. It does have quite a strong smell which I like but I can imagine that some people would find it too strong. I also like the fact that it is 99% natural as well this means that it is really good for the skin. This is very much a luxury product a 50ml bottle is £24 so I don't think I'll be repurchasing this as it is quite expensive but if I had the money I would.

Hope you enjoyed this post

Prettylittlefashionista xxx

*I have not been sponsored to write this post I bought this with my own money and this is my own opinion*