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I Heart Drugstore Makeup Tag With Bows, Beauty and Becki

Me and Becki from Bows, Beauty and Becki decided to do the I heart drugstore makeup tag. I love drugstore makeup most of the makeup I own has come from the drugstore. Becki's answers will be underneath mine and will be labelled with a B. So onto the first question. 

1. What is your favourite drugstore make-up brand?
Now this is a really tricky question as I like lots of different products from different brands. If I had to pick I'd probably say Rimmel as I like a whole range of their products from their face products to eye products.

B- This is rather easy to answer especially as this brand has been on fire recently with new products realises. Rimmel has been amazing within the last six months with bringing out new products from the Apocalips Lip Lacquers to modifying their foundations like Match Perfection which is one of my all-time favourites and will of course be featured in this post.

2. What are your favourite face, cheek and lip products?
For concealer and foundation they are both from Rimmel. They are the Wake Me Up foundation and concealer. These are amazing products and work amazingly by themselves but when they are used together they look really lovely. My favourite blusher is the NYC colour wheel in plum passion it is such a lovely colour and love how it looks on my skin. For lip products I have 2 the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey which I wear everyday and I have used so much of it. The second product is the Revlon Colourburst lipgloss in Bordeaux which is a new find for me but it has completely converted me. Before I tried it I never used to like glosses as I found that they were sticky and lacked the pigmentation of lipsticks. But Bordeaux isn't sticky and is very pigmented I also find that for a gloss it is very long lasting.

B- So I’m going to keep this simple by only mentioning to products for each category I know I have restrained myself!) For face products it has to be Rimmel – Match Perfection Foundation, it has a medium coverage, suits my skin tone perfectly which is rare for high street foundations and it leaves my skin looking healthy. The next product has probably featured in almost every single post of this sort but it is well worth it Collection – Lasting Perfection Concealer, enough said! For cheek products I picked Maybelline – Dream Touch Blush – 02 Peach and Natural Collection – Peach Melba both blushes have great pigmentation and look great on. Now this was probably the hardest to narrow myself down to two products as I had originally picked about ten so maybe I will do a post in the future all about my favourite high street lip products! Anyway I have picked Rimmel – Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick – 101 and Revlon – Colourburst Lipgloss – 002 Crystal Lilac, these are both great products that give an amazing finish to my lips (separately!).

3. Least favourite product?
I don't like the MUA Shimmer Kiss blusher. I really like the mosaic blush, the single powder and cream blushes, but this blush is horrible. I find that the formulation is really chalky and it feels really cheap. It also has the unpleasant smell of PlayDoh which I personally don't like.

B- I am going to mention two products because they are basically the same apart from ones a blush and ones a bronzer. This is a product that you either love or hate – I hate it! And I really don’t understand how anybody could like these products! For some people this is in their “Holy Grail” products!? But for me I only keep it for posts/ questions like this and it has a permanent place in a bag that all my disappointing products go or the bag of disappointment if you will! These are the MUA – Mosaic Blush/ Bronzer, you might wonder what’s wrong with them and well here go’… They are incredibly shimmery, they are rather sheer and the colours aren’t flattering on the skin at all – I have tried this on other skin tones and it has never looked nice. They are cheap that’s about the only positive!

4.What is your best make up bargain?
My best makeup bargain is the lipsticks from ELF they are only £1.50. They have quite a big range to choose from they have colours ranging from nudes to reds. All of their lipsticks are fantastic quality and last quite a reasonable amount of time. They aren't drying either which is a common problem I find in cheaper lipsticks.

B- My best make-up bargain is from the same brand that my least favourite product is from so that just shows some products just miss the mark. Anyway this is a must for me and I will re-purchase for a long time to come and it is the MUA – Mega Volume Mascara this beauty is only £3 and it gives your eyelashes volume, length and defines them. I love this so much and I always go back to it, it works just as well if not better than the hyped about high end mascaras!

5. What is your favourite underdog product?
(Something you love that often gets overlooked)
This has to me by single eyeshadow by Bourjois in the shade Tabac Blond. Not many people talk about Bourjois but when they do they talk about the foundations. No one ever seems to mention the eyeshadows which in my opinion are amazing. They are really pigmented and very blendable. I definitely recommend their eyeshadows another plus is the packaging is super cute.

B- This without a doubt has to be the Soap & Glory – Supercat Liquid Black Eyeliner Pen, I swear this is amazing it’s pigmented, lasts all day, is easy to use and is just an overall great product. It’s only around the £5 mark and I would recommend this to anybody wanting a black liquid liner whether you’re new at make-up or if you’re an experienced make-up artist – just try it!

6. A drugstore product that is overpriced?
I personally think the Revlon lip butters are overpriced. I love the lip butters but I feel that £7.99 is quite expensive for what they are. Some of the colours in the range aren't fantastic especially the lighter shades which come out patchy. If they were priced at £5 I think that would be a more reasonable price.

B-This was quite tricky as if the products has been too expensive I have just not bothered getting it, but when I was doing my research for this I discovered I paid £8.19 for L’Oreal – Rouge Caresse Lipstick – 101 Tempting Lilac. Now I do like this product but the texture and finish is much more of a lip butter or a highly pigmented lip balm than a lipstick however I do still love it.

7. Show your best drugstore dupe(s)!!
This has to be MUA's Undressed palette not only is it a great dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette it is a fantastic palette on its own. The colours are really pigmented and are great to work with. Another good dupe is the ELF contouring kit in St Lucia which is a dupe for the Nars Orgasm and Laguna duo. The quality of the blush and bronzer is very good and for £3.75 it's a steal.

B-I’m going to share with you two dupes both for your face – ones a face powder and the other is a highlighting concealer. I love my MAC – Mineralized Skin Finish Natural but even though I love it I dis like the price tag! So I decided to give a go at a pressed powder that everyone was talking about and that was really cheap this would be Rimmel – Stay Matte Pressed Powder, I personally think there very similar as they are both light powders that can be built up without looking cakey or powdery especially since I have dry skin and I don’t need a powder to control excess oil on my skin as well there is none! My next dupe is for the YSL – Touché Éclat I again loved this product but dis liked the price tag, especially since I do like to use a highlighting concealer under my eye most days especially when I have slept well, so therefore I needed a product that was cheaper as I felt I was wasting my gorgeous gold pen of magic so that put me onto the search for a highlighting concealer and well long story short I found Maybelline- Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer. First of this is darker than my Touché Éclat and next time I will get the lighter shade but they both give a similar effect. It is really easy if you do your research to find dupes for high-end products as the high end brands also own the cheaper brands so the products are very similar you just need to do your re-search.

8. Drugstore product that isn’t worth the hype?
This is going to be extremely controversial but I don't think the Rimmel Apocalips are worth the hype. I bought the shade Big Bang and I've been extremely disappointed. Everyone has raved about how good they are and I don't think that they live up to the hype. They smudge easily and often end up on my teeth and I can't understand why anyone would like them. Perhaps it's the concept I don't like seen as everyone else seems to love them or perhaps I'm applying them wrong either way they didn't live up to the hype.

B- This is really difficult to answer as I just can’t think of a product that has a lot of hype around it that didn’t live up to my expectations so I am going to go back to my answer for question three and say I really can’t understand how anyone could like the Mua – Mosaic Blush – 3 English Rose and Mua – Mosaic Bronzer in 2 Sunkissed Glow. It just baffles me!

Have you done this tag? Leave me your links as I'd love to read your answers.

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