Sunday, 7 April 2013

Liebster Award #4

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by El at ElDeliciaMUA. I have already been nominated for this before so I won't be nominating anyone new but I thought I would still answer the questions. 

  1. If you could only use 3 make up items what would they be?
I would chose mascara as I love how it makes my lashes look, concealer so I could cover any blemishes and lipstick so that I could add a bit of colour to my look.  
  1. Name one positive impact blogging has had on your life.
I have met some great people through blogging and I have made quite a few friends.
  1. What celebrity is the most inspirational to you?
If we are talking about fashion then I would have to say Ashley Benson as I love pretty much everything that she wears. But more generally I think it would have to be Mila Kunis as I thing she is an amazing actress and her style and makeup always looks amazing. She seems like quite a friendly and natural person
  1. What social media site do you promote your blog on the most?
I use Twitter quite a lot I always post about my new posts on their. You can follow me on Twitter here. I also use my Facebook page to post about new posts. Here is the link to my Facebook page I always update it with new posts.
  1. What is your skin care routine?
I use a face wash, cleanser and toner and moisturiser in the morning. At night I use a hot cloth cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Here is a link to my skincare routine post (I noticed that this is slightly out of date so I will do an update soon)
  1. Do you follow trends or prefer timeless pieces?
I always try to follow fashion trend but they change so quickly that it becomes hard to keep up. I like to have some timeless pieces that I can wear all the time without having to worry about them being out of date.
  1. What are your favourite make up brushes?
I love the Real Techniques brushes although I have one MUA brush that I really love I need to try some of the others though. I love the Buffing Brush and the Contour Brush from Real Techniques they are probably my favourite brushes.
  1. What is the best advice you have ever gotten? 
Always do what you want to do rather than what other people tell you to do. This was said at a meeting at school when we chose our GCSE options and  I think that this is great advice.
  1. What would you like to learn the most, such as language or a make up technique etc and why?
I really want to be a makeup artist when I’m older so I’d love to learn how to apply makeup properly. I pretty much taught myself how to do it so I’m sure I’m not doing it right. I would love to learn the proper techniques.  
  1. Colours or neutrals?
I love neutral eyeshadows  that’s all I ever wear but I love to wear colour on my lips and nails.
  1. Where would you like to be in 5 years time?
I would like to have done a makeup course and have a job working within the beauty industry.

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers. I want to thank El for nominating me and I hope you all had a good weekend.

Prettylittlefashionista xxx