Friday, 5 December 2014

Month of Lipsticks: MUA Shade 2 (Day 5)

I have quite a few of the MUA lipsticks as they are only £1. They may not have the most glamours packaging in the world, but they do have a really good colour range and the quality is pretty god for such a budget lipstick. Today I am sharing with you Shade 2, one of the other downsides to these lipsticks is that most of the shades don't have a name. 

Shade 2 is a really pretty plum colour and I don't have many of these in my collection. The formula is really nice it is creamy and doesn't drag across the lips. This doesn't last that long on my lips I find it fades after 2 hours and needs reapplying. However with a lip liner it might last longer but I have never really used lip liners before so  if you have any recommendations of some affordable lip liners I would love to hear them.  

Prettylittlefashionista xxx