Friday, 5 December 2014

Month of Lipsticks: Rimmel Sweetie (Day 4)

This lipstick holds a special place in  my heart as I got it for such a great bargain. This was reduced in Tesco hence the the sticky stuff on the packaging as it had a reduced sticker wrapped around it (annoying!). They had quite a few lipsticks which all had a sticker saying £4.89 on which isn't really that great of a deal as they are £4.99 in Boots so they only had 10p off. However this ones label had been misprinted and I got it for 89p! 

Anyway now onto the actual lipstick, the packaging is the usual Rimmel packaging. This is from the Lasting Finish range and comes in a really nice deep burgundy case which has some glitter running through it and it has the Rimmel crown on the lid. 

Sweetie is a bright pink with blue undertones which help to make your teeth look whiter. This lipstick has a small amount of glitter/shimmer in it but it isn't too much so it is still very wearable. The lipstick applies smoothly and has a very creamy formula which isn't drying on the lips. I really like this lipstick it is in my favourite shade. I love wearing this sort of bright pinks and by the end of this series you'll probably be fed up with seeing them. 

Prettylittlefashionista xxx