Wednesday, 23 January 2013

MUA Gel Eyeliner in Underground Review

Where can you buy it- Superdrug or the MUA store

Price- £3

Shade range- Underground (black), Fairground (metallic grey/black), On Move (brown) and Tribe (blue)

What does MUA say about them?
‘They are intensely pigmented and super slick and come in four shades, from the classic black of‘Underground’ to the beautifully bold blue of ‘Tribe’ and are completely smudge-proof once the product has dried. And the most exciting bit of the product is the unique brush applicator, which is cleverly hidden in the lid,which has been designed so you can create an array of long-lasting looks and styles which in future blog posts and videos I will be demonstrating.

My opinion
I am absolutely in love with this eyeliner. I have never been very good at applying liquid or gel eyeliner but I find gel eyeliner a lot easier to use than liquid as you have much more control with it. This is super pigmented and is a proper black unlike some other eyeliners I have tried that have been a bit more of a faded colour. This glides on effortlessly and doesn't smudge at all. I find that this eyeliner lasts all day and is easy to take off as well. The only downside to this product is the brush that comes with it. I am not a massive fan of it and I prefer to use my ELF concealer brush from the 10 piece set that is way too small to beused for concealer but I find it is perfect for applying eyeliner. I really have enjoyed using this and trying out different looks with it. I really want to get Fairground and On Move as I feel I would get a lot of use out of them.

Have you tried theseeyeliners?

Prettylittlefashionista xxx