Sunday, 20 January 2013

Guest Post: Defeat Dreary Winter Days with Color


When the bursting fall colors fade into the dreary shades of winter, it’s tempting to let your wardrobe go the same way. The fear of dirty slush slinging onto the back of your pant legs can have you reaching for the dark colors in your closet. There’s nothing wrong with taking a sensible approach to the weather, but don’t get lost in the dreary gray of the winter landscape. Lift your spiritsand those of everyone around youby contrasting those dull, sensible winter colors with hues that pop.
On clear winter days, forget the darks and reach for the creams. Offset cream cords or slacks with a darker sweater, but forget about the black or brown. Choose red or light blue instead. Red will make an outfit pop, while the lighter shade will subtly brighten up a room. Whatever color you choose, tie the ensemble together with a long, thin patterned scarf.
When you have to pull out your brownsand, let’s face it, sometimes winter weather demands itdon’t let them be drab. First, get some lighter-toned browns in your closet, like chocolate or dark tan, so that your brownest days don’t have to seem so dark. Then pair those browns with bright colors like pale blue or pink. Not only will either of those colors ease the drabness; their “in” factor over the past few years makes it easy to find accessories that match.
One of the brightest colors of fall that can be carried over into winter, true orange pairs well with navy, while new trends in fashion have been hooking softer orange hues, like coral, up with earthy olive and army greens. To tie the contrasting colors together, choose accessories that have both colors running throughout the design, or take what’s up top down below as well, matching coral shoes with a similarly toned shirt. For a more trendy option, get matching leg warmers for a streak of color just above your feet.
If you’re like the rest of the population, you’re likely to reach first for those earthy browns, grays and blues when the ugly winter weather sets in and clothing options turn dark. Don’t forget that purple is a dark shade, too, and it can easily replace a few of those more boring shades. Purple can be a difficult color to work with, but a consultation with the color wheel can help you pair your closet colors for the perfect bright winter outfit.
Winter may be the time of deepest darkness, gray daytime skies and hazardous roads, but it’s also a time of cute coats and stylish cold-weather accessories. Don’t let winter decide your wardrobe for you. Overcome its freezing temperatures and messy landscapes with bursts of color in unexpected places. Then, while the world around you is gray, you’ll be a bright spot on the winter scene.
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