Tuesday, 29 January 2013

MUA Artiste Palette Review

Where can you buy it- Superdrug or the MUA store

Price- £6

Shades- 6 eyeshadows from left to right Pistachio, Mocca,Ice, Grape, Chocolate and Cookie  
                4 face products from left to right Pink Shimmer, Primrose, Bronzed and Shimmer Kiss 

What does MUA say about it?
‘This is a beautiful artiste collection palette on the go which helps create a full face all in one, with 6 brand NEW merged eye shadows, two powder blushers and a contour shade and highlighter. Shades include shimmery merged tones for fashion-forward statement smoky eyes with light and earthy naturals for an everyday look which can easily be transformed into an evening smoky eye look.The two blushes include warm pink shades for a soft shimmer finish. Finally the contour and highlighter helps create a flawless sculpted natural glow.
My opinion
I love this palette becauseit is so versatile. You can create so many different looks with it. All theeyeshadows are really pigmented and really easy to blend. I love all thecolours except Ice and Grape as they are a bit too bright for me. I lovePrimrose as it is a gorgeous blush colour and I wish I could buy itindividually. I love that MUA are starting to name the shades in theirpalettes. In my opinion isn’t as good as the Undressed palette but it is stillquite good. What lets it down for me is the bronzer, highlighter, Ice andGrape. Not because they are bad products but because I don’t use them. I wouldhave preferred if they had included 4 blushes instead of 2 so that I could havetried more blushes as I am still quite new to blushes.

Have you got this palette?

Prettylittlefashionista xxx