Wednesday, 20 June 2012

7 Things As Seen On Sprinkle Of Glitter

So I saw this blog post on Sprinkle Of Glitter and decided to give it a go. You can read the original blog posts here, here and here.

I have just finished my exams and this is a really good post for me to do as I have so many things that I want to do or catch up on.

Tidy: I really need to tidy my room whilst I've been revising my room has somenone how managed to get in a right mess so it really does need cleaning.

Read: I feel as if I haven't read a book in ages. I used to read all the time so I reallly want to get back into it also it will make a change as i will be actually reading something that I want to instead of boring notes.

Catch up on TV: Whilst revising I recorded a lot of my favourite TV shows so now I really need to catch up as the sky box has become nearly full (opps)

Chill: I think it is important for me to spend time relaxing as I have been so stressed with all the exams and haven't had much time to do much for myself so I am going to just sit back and relax for a while.

Paint: I really want to get back into painting my nails I used to paint my nails all the time and then Whilst revisng there never seemed to be enough time to paint them. Also I have a lot of new colours I want to try out.

Hang out with my friends: I feel that I haven't spent much time with my friends recently. I have seen them but it has been mostly to revise so I want to spend plenty of time with them. Another good reason to do this is at the end of summer my friend is moving to Australia.

Shopping: This may seem a strange one but I haven't been on a proper shopping trip in ages and I really need to get some new clothes for summer as well.

What are you going to be doing?
Prettylittlefashionista xxx