Saturday, 2 June 2012

How To Make Eyelid Primer

This post is going to be a tutorial on how to make eyelid primer as some primers are just so expensive and this is a cheap and easy alternative which is made using things that most people will have and if you don't you could easily get them.
What you will need
So you will need some foundation, body butter, cotton buds and a pot to put your primer in.

I am using an old body butter pot to put the primer in so firstly you need to make sure that your pot is clean. If it had any sort of product in it should come out when you wash it.

1. Start by squirting some foundation into the pot

2. Then add some body butter to the foundation

 3. Using the cotton bud mix the body butter and foundation together until it is all blended together and you are finished and can use it before applying eyeshadow.
Eyeshadow used for this swatch is an eyeshadow by Miss Sporty in the shade Night
Here is a swatch to prove how good it is. the top swatch is without the primer and the top swatch is after the primer.

Products used and where to get them
Body Shop body butter in Coconut
Miss Sporty foundation in the shade Light 
Miss Sporty eyeshadow in the shade Night