Monday, 15 July 2013

Illamasqua Mystery Box

Illamasqua Mystery Box
I am mainly a budget beauty blogger so you may be wondering why I am writing a post about Illamasqua which is definitely not a purse friendly brand (unfortunately) but this is a very budget friendly offer. I was recently reading someone else's blog post about their mystery box and out of curiosity I thought I'd see how much it was. I was expecting it to be way too expensive but I was greatly surprised and I'm sure you will be to when I share with you how much it was. It was only *drumroll* £17.50, yes that's right you read correctly. This box which contains 6 full size Illamasqua products was only £17.50. The box was originally £35 and it has a worth of £93. If you want this box I recommend getting it now from Debenhams.
Illamasqua Mystery Box
The idea behind the box is that you get 2 products which you are certain about. You get a Liquid Eyeliner Precision Ink in Glister and a Liquid Metal in Electrum these 2 products are guaranteed. You will then get 2 eyeshadows in any shades and 2 nail polishes in any shades. You do not know what shades you will get and that's what makes it a mystery box. I was very excited when I got mine as I could not wait to see what I got. So lets see what I got shall we.
Illamasqua Electrum and Glister
The first 2 products are the liquid eyeliner and cream eyeshadow. Glister is a beautiful nude colour that looks really pretty. Electrum is a gorgeous gold which could be used as a eyeshadow or a gel eyeliner.
Illamasqua Never and Shiver
The 2 eyeshadows I got were Never (a navy blue) and Shiver (a shimmery colour) both these eyeshadows are very pigmented. I think I will use Shiver slightly more as it's a very good everyday colour.
Illamasqua Shrapnel and Faux Pas
The 2 nail polishes I got are Shrapnel and Faux Pas I love both of these colours and I can't wait to paint my nails with them.
Illamasqua Mystery Box Swatches

I will be doing reviews of all these products as soon as I try them out. As you can see from the above swatches the pigmentation is amazing.

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