Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Holiday Haul

Whilst I was away on holiday I picked up a few beauty items and I thought I would share them with as I love reading haul posts. Most of this stuff was bought in Boots or Superdrug.
Firstly I wanted to pick up the new Collection Eyeshadow Pencil to give them a try and see how they compare to the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick . I got the shade Vanilla Sky which is a metallic cream colour. I haven't tried it yet but from the swatches I have done I am very excited to try it. I also picked up the much loved Lasting Perfection Concealer I am going to say something that may shock you but I have never tried this concealer despite all the hype that it has. I don't know why I've never tried it I think it may have been scared that it was over hyped and wouldn't actually be very good but I am impressed. I have only used it once but I really like it the coverage it gave was really good and I can see why so many bloggers love it. At the time they had an offer on if you spent £4 you got a free nail polish and I choice the shade Neon Art I love the nail polishes as they are amazing quality for such a low price.

Next I picked up 2 new Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polishes because I have become a massive fan of them. After trying Greenberry  and loving it I knew I'd have to pick up some more shades. Whilst I was in Boots I noticed that they were on offer buy one get one half price so I snapped up 2 colours and I plan to pick up more. I got the shades Passion Fruit (you all know I love red polishes) and Blueberry which I saw on the shop assistant in Argos and I knew I had to have it because it is such a pretty blue colour. 

I didn't actually need these 2 items but the offer was too good to refuse. I have never tried a Seventeen mascara and when I saw that they'd bought out a new one I thought I would give it a go this was helped along by the fact that if you bought the new Back Lash mascara you got the Back Lash eyeliner for free so I thought it was a great deal so I picked up the mascara not that I actually need a new mascara as I have tons on the go already. 

Next I got the L'Oreal Micellar Solution I've heard a lot of people comparing this to Bioderma and I love this sort of product to remove my eye makeup so I thought it was worth giving it a try. 

I got the last few items from Poundland. As you can see I picked up 6 OPI nail polishes for a £1 each. They are shatter ones but that doesn't bother me and they were worth getting as they were such a low price. I also picked up a Milani blush and bronzer duo I picked this up as I liked the colour of it and the bronzer was matte and since I don't have many bronzers I thought it was worth getting. 

What have you picked up recently? 

Prettylittlefashionista xxx