Friday, 16 August 2013

My Top Pink and Red Nail Polishes

Pink and Red Nail Polishes
As I have mentioned previously I love pink and red nail polish. I love the way these 2 colours look on my nails, I think they really complement my skin tone. Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourites. 

The first 2 are from Nails Inc. a brand that I love. The polishes are amazing quality and they have a good range of colours. OMP is a bright pink which in some lights looks red. Both of these polishes only need two coats and they last about 5 days before they start to chip. Magazines often give Nails Inc. polishes as freebies so it is always best to keep your eyes open. Also you can sign up to become a VIP for a year (£5), when you sign up you get a free polish worth £11 which means it is definitely worth signing up even if you never buy anything else plus you get £5 to spend in your birthday month. It's Red Babez  is a bright red colour which I think is a must in everyone's collection and this one is fantastic quality and a must in my opinion despite the not so great name. 

The next polish is a bit of a shock really. When I was in H&M I was browsing and I saw the beauty section i thought I'd have a quick look to see if anything took my eye and I got this polish as it was only £1.99 and I thought it was worth trying. I was pleasantly surprised when I took this out the packaging as it had a name (Prim & Proper) I find it very annoying when brands don't give names to their products as Shade 1 doesn't sound as good as having a proper name. That aside this is a really good pink glitter,  this has chunks of pink and silver glitter and it looks lovely on top of different colours. I mostly use this on a accent finger rather than all my fingers. 

Next is a nail polish from Barry M, I am a huge fan of Barry M they have a great range of colours and lots of different formulas to choose from. Shocking Pink is a bright pink shade which I mainly use on my toes I use it on my nails as well but most of them time I have this on my toes as I love bright colours. 

Lastly is my Leighton Denny nail duo in I love juicy I got this in a magazine and it is amazing for travelling as it comes with a base and top coat. The colour is really lovely as well it is a lovely shade of red which looks lovely on my nails (if I do say so myself). 

So these are my favourite pinks and reds. Do you have a colour that you always wear on your nails? What's your favourite polish right now?

Prettylittlefashionista xxx