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MUA Lip Gloss in Pin Up Pink Review

MUA Lip Gloss in Pin Up Pink
I got this quite awhile ago and I've had to use it a few times to gain my full opinion on it. I usually use lipsticks but after trying the Revlon Colourburst Lipglosses I have started using more lip glosses. 

MUA Lip Gloss in Pin Up Pink
I chose the shade Pin Up Pink as this is a shade that I would wear a lot of. I really like the colour of it and it is surprisingly pigmented on the lips. 

What MUA says 'Make a statement this season with these pout perfect plumping lip glosses. Follow the catwalk craze by keeping your make up neutral and pop those lips with these pout pleasing products from MUA Professional. Whether you’re after a bold Shocking Pink, bang on trend Sienna tangerine tone or cotton Candy Pink hue; these seven sensational shades cover the looks for less this season.
Each sensuous shade contains maxi lip plumping agents for a natural looking pout with a non sticky formula!'
MUA Lip Gloss in Pin Up Pink
The applicator seems to be a lot longer than the average lipgloss which I think makes it a lot harder to control when I am applying it to my lips however this is just a personal thing and may not be what everyone thinks. 
MUA Lip Gloss in Pin Up Pink
Onto the actual product it is a plumping lip gloss and is supposed to make your lips look fuller. It does make my lips look slightly fuller but not massively but I really only bought it for the colour so I am not too bothered. I really do love the colour and I like the pigmentation but the problem I have is that it tingles my lips. It doesn't seem to just tingle it feels like its burning and the first time I tried it I took it off straight away. I think it is because it is plumping the lips. It's such a shame because otherwise I would really like it. The lasting power isn't that good it lasts about 1 or 2 but then it is a lipgloss so it is to be expected. I am also not a fan of the smell as it has a very strong plastic scent. It isn't sticky either which is another good thing about it so like I said if it didn't tingle then it would be a great product. 
MUA Lip Gloss in Pin Up Pink
Overall I have not been very impressed with this lipgloss. If it was just a lipgloss and didn't plump my lips then I'd probably love it as it wouldn't tingle my lips. A lot of people do seem to  like these lipglosses so maybe I just got a dodgy one. 

Product: MUA Out There Plumping Lipgloss
Price: £2.00 
Shades: Pin Up Pink, Buff, Nude, Pink Sugar, Shocking Pink, Candy Pink, Sienna 
Where can you buy it: MUA Store or Superdrug
Score (/10) 5

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