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MUA Poptastic Palette Review

MUA Poptastic Palette
I really want to be a makeup artist when I am older so I have been building up my portfolio by creating different looks on my friends and family. When I was looking through my makeup to find products to use for a look that I was creating I found that I didn't have any coloured eyeshadows so I went to Superdrug to see if I could get some colours. I headed straight to the MUA stand as I knew I'd be able to get a palette for £4. I chose the Poptastic palette as it has a good range of colours. 
MUA Poptastic Palette

MUA Poptastic Palette
I have a few MUA palette and they are really good quality. For me personally I won't use this palette on myself regularly because I love to wear neutral colours but if you are a budding makeup artist or you like bold colours then this is perfect to have in your collection and a £4 it is a complete bargain.   
MUA Poptastic Palette
All the colours are really well pigmented and most of them are shimmery colours. They are really long lasting and if you use a primer the colours don't fade through the day. All the colours are really easy to blend and they are great to work with. They do have fallout but can be easily swept off the face with a brush. The only issue that I have with the palette is that there is a few to many blue shades it would have been nice to see more of a variety in colours and if you prefer matte shades this palette won't be for you as it has only shimmer shades. 

I really recommend  this palette as it is great value for money and it is good to have in your kit as you can create a variety of different looks. 

Product: MUA Poptastic Palette
Price: £4
Shades: 12 shimmer shades in a variety of colours 
Where can you buy it: Superdrug and MUA Store
Score (/10) 7

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