Friday, 14 November 2014

Wishlist #14 Homeware Edition

Wishlist #14 Homeware Edition
I love looking at homeware items and interior design. I often spend hours looking through Pinterest  at homes and homeware. At the moment I am staying in Halls at University so it is quite restrictive in what you can do decoration wise so the best way to personalise your room is to have pretty ornaments and cute bedding. Today I have complied some of my favourite pieces that I want to buy for my flat. 

The first thing is a canvas, we aren't actually allowed to put things on our walls so this is not something that I will buy but I wanted to include it because I love it so much. I really like the message on it and I really like to have inspirational/motivational around my room. 

Next is this jewellery box which has heart cut outs on it. I probably wouldn't use it for jewellery but I think it would be great for storing nail polishes however I'd probably need at least 2 to fit all my nail polishes so it could become quite an expensive storage idea as it costs £35. 

Next is a cushion that has eyes on it. I think this is so cute and girly and would go really well in my room as most of bedding is pink. 

How adorable is this plate from H&M it is literally the cutest plate I have seen. I was given the plates that I have bought to Uni with me but they aren't really to my taste so I'm considering getting some new ones and these are so cute and they are only £3.99 each. 

I really like red and white as I think they work really well for the winter and this bedding is so cute. It is red and white with hearts on it. A lot of the bedding I have looked at that is red and white has been Christmas related so it's nice to find one that isn't Christmasy as you can use it for longer as I feel that you can only have Christmas bedding in December. 

Lastly is the squirrel clock, a lot of people don't have clocks anymore as you can use your phone, laptop and tablet etc for the time but I really like to have a clock as I love being able to hear it tick at night. I know some people will find that weird but I find the sound relaxing so not having one in my room at the moment is quite annoying. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. 

Prettylittlefashionista xxx