Sunday, 9 December 2012

Soap and Glory Scrub Of Your Life Review

I included this in my November favourites and I thought I would do a review of it. I really love this scrub and I think it has slightly overtaken the Lush scrub which I reviewed here. I love the formula of this as it does a really good job of scrubbing the body but it isn't too harsh either. The reasons why I prefer this to the Lush one is that this one has a really nice smell and you don't have to use it up in 2 weeks. I felt with the Lush one that because it had a short expiry date I think I wasted some because I wanted to use within that date. I like this scrub because unlike the Treacle Moon ones that I have tried it doesn't leave bits at the bottom of the bath/shower. The only drawback of the product is the price it is £7.50 for a full size bottle I only have the travel size at the moment. I will repurchase but probably as a treat rather than one I will buy all the time.

What is your favourite soap and glory product?
Prettylittlefashionista xxx

*I have not been sponsored to write this post I bought this with my own money and this is my own opinion*