Saturday, 15 December 2012

Guest Post: Cozy and Colorful Winter Accessories: My Four Favorite Staples

Getting out my winter wardrobe is one of my favourite times of the year because I get to rediscover those fashion accessories that I haven't had a chance to wear since the leaves started peeking out of trees last spring. And of course, I always take some time to fill out my wardrobe with a few more pieces that bring in this season's colours and trends. There are four kinds of accessories I really couldn't live without during the winter months!
1. Huge Scarves
Some girls go for those little scarves that feel like there's nothing around your neck, but I go to the other extreme. The more fabric the better, although I do have a few lighter ones for warmer, not-quite-winter days. With so many different ways to tie a scarf, I can find a cute way to wear one with just about every outfit. And I've also been known to use my scarves as a wrap when my shoulders and arms get a little chilly!

2. Brightly Coloured Tights
I tend to stick to muted colours in my wardrobe, but I go a little crazy when it comes to footed tights. I have them in just about every colour of the rainbow, and even if people aren't going to see more than a few inches of them, I'm almost always wearing a pair. That splash of colour is unexpected and can make an outfit so much more interesting.

3. Boots, Boots, and More Boots
I can't remember a single day last winter when I didn't wear boots. They're so versatile, and now that I've built up a collection of more pairs than I care to admit, I have boots to match any outfit I want to wear. Whether I need to dress an outfit up or down, there's a pair of boots that does the trick. Plus, I hate having cold ankles during the winter, and boots are my saving grace.

4. Cute Hats and Earmuffs
I also hate it when my ears are cold, but since I live in the city I do a lot of walking outside during the day. That's why adorable hats and earmuffs are absolutely essential for me during the winter. I love that I can toss on a pair of earmuffs without worrying about messing up my hair. My favourite pair has headphones built in so I can listen to tunes, too. When I know I'll be out for a while, I opt for a cozy knit hat instead to keep my whole head warm.
With these four awesome accessories, I can turn just about any plain outfit into something stylish and cozy. I also love how I can get away with wearing the same basic clothes on a pretty tight rotation because mixing and matching accessories changes up the look so much. Plus, my friends and family all know what to get me for Christmas.

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